Bad Information Delivery: Billboard That Says Nothing

How to (not) use words and pictures to convey information to your readers effectively

A billboard went up at an intersection near my house recently:


It is good to know that I have a choice. But after looking at it  more than a dozen times, I finally realized that I had no idea what my choice was. The billboard is right next to the traffic signal, so I don’t have much choice as to whether I look at this billboard every day.

I tried telling my local grocier that I would like to choose VNA, but he didn’t know what I was talking about; clearly, this billboard is not about the big, blue shopping bag in the photo.

If this ad is not about the big blue shopping bag, is it about the pretty blonde nurse?

Do I need a nurse?  (I sure hope not — or do I?)

This reminds me of a billboard in a foreign country, where you understand bits of the message, but not the meaning. Problem is, this is in Connecticut. English is the native language.

What an expensive mistake.


What do YOU think?

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