Efficiency Tip: Do More With Less

Dan’s efficiency tip of the [time period*]:

As a professional, it is your responsibility to find ways to cut time from everyday tasks. If it takes you an hour to do something, figure out how to do it in 55 minutes, or 50 minutes. If you do that with a few tasks, then you’ve just gained 10% efficiency. Now you can do more with your 40 hours.

In carpentry, its akin to marking the edge of a stud and using a speed square as a cutting guide, rather than marking the stud, getting out your speed square, drawing a line, putting your pencil and speed square away, and then cutting the stud.

If your company wants to grow 10% or 20% in the next year, and you can give them 10% just by working smarter, then that 20% growth will sure be easy. In the carpentry example, not only are you saving time, you’re getting a better cut.

This is called doing more with less.

In publishing, revenue is beginning to claw its way back, but profit is still down. How much of it is due to staff fumbling around for their speed squares?

Next time you see one of your colleagues surfing Facebook, shoe-shopping, or watching ‘Grumpy Cat’ videos, pat them on the back and thank them for your company’s demise. That, my friend, is doing less with more. And it is unprofessional.

*I don’t particularly want to commit to a regular efficiency tip, so I’m keeping it vague…


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