Another Digital Disrupter Taking Aim at Print

A couple of posts ago, I quoted an acquaintance of mine named Sean Griffey. Sean started Industry Dive, a mobile B2B media company in DC  a few years ago and they have been adding verticals lately. They are up to nine right now. This contrasts with print B2B media companies who are shuttering magazines or cutting frequency. As most of you know, growing is usually better than shrinking in the business world.

I recently read an article by Bill Mickey on about another digital B2B publisher with print in its crosshairs: Aggregate. This company just secured a pile of cash ($1M) to aggressively beat out print B2B publishers at serving professional audiences through aggregation/curation.

It makes a lot of sense because more and more business professionals conduct business on smart phones. Delivering industry news to their inbox is a great service; it certainly has me opening my morning Wall Street Journal app less often.

If the app crashed after I updated to iOS8 (it didn’t) I would open it even less — which would spell doom for the app and my subscription dollars. This is a big competitive advantage that digital publishers CAN have over print publishers — digital publishers don’t need to make digital issues of their magazine — and then be at the mercy of Apple’s iOS updates. Instead, digital-first publishers can publish on a relatively stable web platform.*

When Apple updates their iOS, other peoples’ apps break. This disgruntles readers, costs money to fix, and gives the web an edge.

In the meantime, digital disrupters lock, load, and take aim.

*Print publishers seem to think that digital issues ARE digital publishing (which they may well be in about 10 years when we have magic paper, but for now, they are most definitely NOT).


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