Joe Ripp on How Time Inc. is Transforming from a Magazine Company to Media Co

This is a 25 minute keynote address at a media conference, so make some popcorn.

Some of it is a list of talking points to please Wall Street, but a lot of it is right on.

A lot of what he says are things that I have talked about, some are hauntingly similar to the speeches I gave to my editors at Hanley Wood.

A few takeaways:

1. Print his not going away, but it is increasingly irrelevant to how people live their lives. It is declining 5-10% per year.
(This is consistent with what I have seen in the construction media space, both B2B and B2C; digital is increasing about 15-20%/year).

2. Long print articles should be developed as a series of short web articles. The result is a constant flow of web content to build big print articles from while the short web articles swim through the social streams.

This is exactly how I set up the Builder Group at Hanley Wood to move to digital first. Nice to get some affirmation from Joe that we were on track.

We found an unexpected benefit, too: on the web, paper is free, so you can write as long as you want to. We could cut down long-form content to fit prints dwindling page counts.

3. Live events are a big deal. Time produces many events, and bought another company who also produces many events. It is worth figuring out how to produce events on the cheap that can serve advertisers and readers effectively.

4. ‘Magazine’ is a bad way to define your brand. Content and media are better choices.


What do YOU think?

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