Fast Company InfoGraphic Review (4) — Political Power

Icons, small multiples, and color can convey a deep dive of information at a glance. They can also hide info in plain view.

Final segment of the Women in Numbers infographic review. I’d like to reiterate this review is the result of an attempt to defend infographics, not an attempt to attack them. This review is not meant to illustrate how lame Fast Company is. I don’t think Fast Company is lame.

I talked about Children & Family, Economy, Education & Employment, in the first three segments.

Political Power

There are either two or three parts to this section in the lower right — there are two sets of icons and a group of circles with numbers inside them. The circles seem to be related to the icons with flags above them — there are 20 icons and one of the numbers is 20 — but it is not clear that the circles are related to either set of icons. Upon further inspection, it seems that the circles are related to the icons above them, but not the icons to the left of them.

But let’s get to the bigger problems and solutions.

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Fast Company InfoGraphic Review (3) — Education and Employment

[Part three of my four-part series taking a critical look at an infographic.]

This section uses a pie chart, pictogram, and numbers to tell a story.

Or does it?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to review an infographic published on The previous two installments are Economy and Children and Family

Education and Employment: Three graphics, three problems

The pie chart is fine — the big wedge begins at the top and moves clockwise, like we read (Left to right, top to bottom). Continue reading

Fast Company InfoGraphic Review (2) — Economy

Pie charts, pictograms, and numbers can tell a great story, or not.

Last week I began a review of an infographic put together by Fast Company and Love Social. It is called Women in Numbers, and is featured in a blog post called The Case for Girls. I began with the top section, Children and Family. This week, I move down the left side of the page to the next section: Economy.

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What is Wrong With This Infographic? Part 1

Part 1 of a 4-part infographic review on Fast Company’s ‘Women in Numbers’

A blog post over at (my favorite podcast) brought up the topic of infographics. Wendii, the blogger, expressed exhaustion with the infographics posted to Fast Company’s ‘Infographic of the Day’ page. After looking closely at some of the infographics featured on that page, I have to agree with Wendii that these are excellent examples of how NOT to do it.

I chose one of them to look closely at. Rather than just talking about problems, I’ll offer possible  solutions too. Because the InfoTruck delivers solutions.

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