Web 3.0: Website, Web of Sites, or Trolling Like a Pirate?

Forget about controlling a corner of the web; put your stuff where the readers are

I have long thought that the best way to build a web presence was to embrace reality rather than compete with it. YouTube is better at video serving than I am. Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress make consistent pages on a more stable platform than a series of HTML pages that I can build in Dream Weaver. iTunes can distribute a home made radio or TV show for me. Flickr and Picasa will host my photos and give me slideshows. And why would I try to build a forum community, when there are already communities at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter?

If you can’t beat them, join them
And there are bazillions of other third-party sites that can solve problems for you right now for zero investment. SmugMug allows you to open a professional photography store. Google allows you to

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Print vs. Digital Publishing is a Moot Point

The future of publishing is magic paper, digital tabletops, and walls that project information. It is not magazines vs. websites

A guy that I work with, John Murphy, showed this video to me the other day while we were unwinding after work over a beer:

We had been talking about websites, digital publishing, and magazines. I gave him my standard line — “iPads make the discussion about print and digital moot, and pretty soon–when these iPads are flexible, and we can roll them up and stick them in our jacket pockets, like we do with magazines–the argument will be totally superfluous.”

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Bad Information Delivery: Billboard That Says Nothing

How to (not) use words and pictures to convey information to your readers effectively

A billboard went up at an intersection near my house recently:

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