Why the web made editors’ jobs harder

Replica of Guttenberg printing press from wikipedia
Replica of Gutenberg printing press from wikipedia

When Gutenberg invented the printing press, he made the job of making books a lot easier. The Monk monopoly on bookmaking was over, so it sucked to be a monk. Fortunately, monks learned how to make really good beer, and in the long run, that is a good thing, because beer is good. Because the job of making books was made easier, the portable book was born and soon after the precursors of newspapers. With portable books and newspapers came the occupation of editor. (I am not sure if more beer and more editors are a causal or correlational Continue reading


App users are fickle, bored—and a pretty good opportunity

Nielsen’s App Playbook is a survey of almost 4,000 app users on both smartphone (~3,700) and tablet (~1,000). It set out to document usage behavior for mobile apps as opposed to mobile web use. They found that people download more apps than they need (only using about a quarter of those they download), but Continue reading

Another Digital Disrupter Taking Aim at Print

A couple of posts ago, I quoted an acquaintance of mine named Sean Griffey. Sean started Industry Dive, a mobile B2B media company in DC  a few years ago and they have been adding verticals lately. They are up to nine right now. This contrasts with print B2B media companies who are shuttering magazines or cutting frequency. As most of you know, growing is usually better than shrinking in the business world.

I recently read an article by Bill Mickey on foliomag.com about another digital B2B publisher with print in its crosshairs: Aggregate. This company just secured a pile of cash Continue reading